Guardian Angels Can Help with Jobs, Money, and Relationships in these 7 Ways

Learn how many successful people are accomplishing their goals and realizing their ambitions faster by listening to advice from their Guardian Angels.

4-spiralsoflight-72dpiManifesting With Your Angels
Contact: 619-630-9598
Place: South Bay Quantum Center, 1611 S Catalina Ave, Suite 210, Redondo Beach, CA, 90277
Date: Saturday, August 8th, 3:30 to 5:30 PM

For over 17 years Angel Intuitive Christopher James Dilts has been helping thousands of people worldwide to have successful businesses, relationships and health.

Christopher is leading a workshop in Redondo Beach, CA Saturday, August 8th, from 3:30 to 5:30 PM where people will learn how to partner with their Angels and refine their intuition so that they can make their best decisions faster and easier. Christopher says, “Every person has at least three guardian angels at all times and can learn to hear see and receive their help. All are welcome to come learn how. This is for everyone.” To reserve your spot:

7 Steps To Receive Advice from your Guardian Angels
1) Ask for help – Angels offer us help 24/7. The more open we are, the more help they can give us. Create daily invocations, or prayers, that specifically call for the help needed. When a person calls upon an Angel, they increase their ability to receive help.

Angels work with everyone regardless of personal histories and beliefs and are present 24-7. They respond to everyone with complete unconditional love.

2) Connect with wonder as you call upon the Angels and ask for help. This will help create openness, receptivity, excitement, eagerness and prepare the way to receive the gift the Angels have prepared for your situation.

3) Hand everything over to the Angels during the time of invocation and prayer. Include every issue, problem, worry and fear as well as every good intention and positive outcome you can imagine as the result of your request. Release all expectations of how your request will be answered.

4) Express Appreciation and Gratitude – Find and express genuine appreciation and gratitude for things exactly as they are. If this is a struggle ask the Angels for their help to find the love that is present in whatever difficulty is being faced. Have patience with this and let go of any expectation of how the solution may be revealed.

5) Know that it is done – Every prayer is answered. Trust that you will see the love in every answered prayer. We are known completely and loved unconditionally by the Angels and nothing that will serve us is ever withheld. . .

6) Act quickly on the guidance you receive – Accept the opportunity and act upon it immediately. Angelic help is infinite and unlimited – The faster you act, the faster you receive more assistance!

7) Celebrate yourself exactly as you are in the moment. Leave any critical judgments or negative feelings in the hands of the Angels for healing. Even if it is just for a few moments, let go of everything that is not of love. When we let go much more can done for us by the Angels than we can accomplish on our own.

Many clients have had exceptional results, including Katharine in Germany, who says, “Christopher has helped me to quadruple my business and to raise a healthy family as I did it! I bought a new building, added several new services and practitioners and watched my client base skyrocket. Now I am writing a book that is already sold to a publisher- all things I never would have known how to do without the weekly specific guidance Christopher helped me receive from my Angels. I have sent many colleagues and friends to Christopher and I can say that people who partner with their Angels as Christopher teaches succeed greater and faster.”

In Christopher’s workshop “Manifesting With Your Angels,” you will learn how to listen when your Guardian Angels speak to you to manifest your dreams. You will experience the power and creativity of your intuition. You will learn how to engage your Angels to help you with practical day-to-day matters and help you out of financial binds.

You will also increase your ability to focus with precision, take your angels advice and make your dreams come true.

A former successful business owner in the high-tech sector, Christopher began teaching meditation classes over 20 years ago while studying to earn his Doctor of Divinity in Angels. During his meditation classes Christopher and class participants began to see, feel and be connected to their Angels and to receive messages regularly that began to solve life issues for them.

Since then, Christopher has specialized in leading classes and meditations where people do connect powerfully with their angels. He leads a popular weekly live Angel Circle in California’s Central Coast where participants have received life changing health, finance and relationship transformations. He also serves clients worldwide with seminars and teleclasses and one-to-one private weekly sessions.

Christopher will be in Redondo Beach for one day to teach the same process and offer a number of private one-to-one sessions.

To learn more about Angels, visit the website at

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